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Shubban ul-Muslimeen is a movement that aims to present the equitable revolutionary concept of Islam to humanity and has a program to establish a society based on that revolutionary concept, providing solutions to all contemporary issues in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

On the Societal Level

  1. Complete human equality and profound Islamic brotherhood will be established, where no one will be superior or inferior based on race, colour, language, profession, or gender. The measure of dignity and honour will solely be based on piety and righteousness.
  2. Through the implementation of the Shariah rules of modesty and veiling, the femininity, honour, and dignity of women will be fully protected. Under Islam’s family system of “guardians of the women, testers of men, and providers for women,” women will be ensured complete economic support to fulfill their responsibilities of nurturing the future generation effectively. However, their rights of ownership and inheritance will be fully protected, and their strengths and abilities will be utilized at the national level in education, healthcare, and domestic industries.
  3. Complete eradication of indecency will be achieved through the enforcement of Islamic boundaries and punishments, and crimes such as murder, theft, and robbery, as well as adultery and false accusations of adultery, will be severely punished.
  4. Social evils such as bribery, unnecessary extravagance, wastage of wealth on excessive display, and the eradication of Hindu customs associated with marriage will be eliminated.
  5. Free and swift justice will be provided, and false testimony will be eradicated.
  6. Within the realm of education, the division between modern and traditional, religious and worldly, and rulers and ruled will be abolished. There will be a single education system for all, which will be free up to at least the metric level.

On the Economic Level

  1. The state will be responsible for ensuring the basic necessities of every citizen, including food, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare, and for this purpose, a system of collecting Zakat and Jizyah from Muslims and non-Muslims, respectively, will be fully implemented.
  2. Further encouragement will be given to voluntary charity, spending in the way of Allah, and the provision of interest-free loans (i.e., Qard al-Hasanah).
  3. The complete eradication of usury (interest) will be achieved, and all forms of prohibited transactions such as gambling, speculation, lottery, and two-sided transactions will be strictly prohibited, thus cutting off the root of capitalism.
  4. Within the framework of Islamic boundaries, individual ownership and free economic endeavor will be maintained, and in this regard, the promotion of industry and trade through healthy competition will lead to increased production.
  5. Workers will be guaranteed support from the state in mutual business dealings with employers, in addition to Islamic brotherhood and justice.
  6. Feudalism will be completely abolished (which will eliminate all the evils of landownership) and according to the consensus fatwa of Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik, based on the principle that lands conquered by force of arms at any time do not belong to individual ownership but belong to the state treasury of the Islamic state.

On the Political Level

  1. Absolute sovereignty will belong solely to Allah. Hence, no legislation contrary to the Quran and the Sunnah of His Messenger ﷺ can be enacted, and the supreme courts will have full authority to declare null and void any law conflicting with the Quran and Sunnah without exception.
  2. Only Muslims will be considered full citizens of the state (thus, only Muslims can hold key positions), and their citizenship rights will be completely equal (although additional conditions may be imposed for responsibilities), and they will govern the country according to the principles of consultation in accordance with Islamic principles.
  3. Everyone will be equal in the eyes of the law, and no individual, including the head of state (Caliph or Amir or Prime Minister), will be above the law.
  4. The protection of the life, property, honour, and dignity of non-Muslims will be ensured, and they will enjoy complete economic and religious freedom. Hence, they will have the right to education and upbringing according to their own religion for their future generations. However, they will not have the right to proselytize among Muslims.
  5. Whether to adopt a unitary, federal, or confederal system of government, as well as whether to opt for a presidential or parliamentary form of governance, will depend on the explicit consent of the people, as none of these forms are mandatory or prohibited by religious considerations.
  6. Regional, ethnic, or tribal customs that are not in conflict with Islamic law will be fully protected. Similarly, the rights of regional languages will be preserved, although Arabic (language education and promotion) will be given the utmost importance.

The purpose is to make Pakistan the best, exemplary, Islamic, consultative, democratic, and prosperous state in accordance with the pattern of Prophethood/ ثُمَّ تَکُونُ خِلَافَۃً عَلٰی مِنھَاجِ النُّبُوَّۃِ. Shaban Al-Muslimin Movement will undertake efforts at every level of wisdom and preaching for public awareness and will adopt revolutionary education and purification, In Sha Allah!
May Allah grant us success in dedicating ourselves to this noble purpose. Ameen!